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Integrated care models in Swiss primary care: An embedded multiple case study

"Loneliness is a monotonous thing": descriptive qualitative research on the loneliness of caring relatives

Development of a tool for palliative care needs assessment and intervention: mixed methods research at a Swiss tertiary oncology clinic

"Pflege ist ... übersetzen!" Einsatz von Grafiken und Filmen zur Förderung von Open Education

Evaluation of a newly developed flipped-classroom course on interprofessional practice in health care for medical students

Effect of an educational intervention on nurses’ competence in activities of daily living support in end-of-life care using a pretest–posttest repeated measures design


A qualitative study on safety perception among healthcare workers of a tertiary academic care center during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Einsamkeit und soziale Isolation pflegender Angehöriger

Übergänge in der Häuslichkeit am Lebensende. Familie im Wechsel von Rollen und Bedürfnissen

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